Thursday, November 1, 2007


Today I spent my time delivering the paper to different churches and businesses in Washington County. It was a beautiful day!

It takes around four hours to run all of my route, and I get a lot of time to think, to just talk to God. While I don't necessarily enjoy the continual getting in and out of the car I do like the alone time.

Today the weather was perfect, the traffic was light, and the trees were beautiful. I ran into a few people that I knew and that is always enjoyable. The only down side to the day is the fact that I had a touch of the "bug" yesterday, so I didn't feel the best in the world today.

Due to the bug, I wasn't able to go to church last night. I would hate to infect all those kids (and the adults as well), so I stayed home. I have to admit, I missed seeing the kids, and I think that Michael missed his time at church. A mid-week pick-me-up is something that everyone needs, a little dose of God time to keep you focused.

While I didn't get my pick-me-up last night at church, I did get a healthy dose today. I listened to praise and worship music for awhile, I had some prayer time and I just talked to God... and I took the opportunity to thank him for the beautiful day.

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Jeremy Kane said...

hope you r felling better look forward to seeing you an sunday i know we don't talk to much but i do always notice you @ church you are usually smiling and that makes me wonder what u r up to? lol