Friday, October 26, 2007

A day of firsts

This morning I took Michael on his first field trip. Now... normally one rides the bus on a field trip, but Michael occasionally has a tendency to get car sick. Rather than have that happen in front of his little school friends, I drove him to Derby Dinner Play House.

Not only was this his first Field Trip but it was also his first play. I wasn't sure how he would react (another reason I opted to attend). I guess I shouldn't have been such a "mom". He did great. He sat through the hour long production of the Frog Prince and he was so attentive. When the play was over, he waved goodbye to the characters as they left the stage. He kept talking about the frog, the circle and the princess. At the end of the story, the princess kisses the frog and all of the characters made a circle around the frog so he could "change into a prince".

I know that there will be many more "firsts" for our little guy, just as there will be firsts for us all. I hope that he has the opportunity to experience something new and exciting on a regular basis in his life. I couldn't help but sit beside him during this program and wonder what his life might have been if God hadn't chosen us to be his family. Would there have been plays? Would there have been trips to new and exciting places? We'll never know... and I am glad that he will never have to find out what might have been. He will just grow up knowing that his Mommy and Daddy love him, and that we so proud to be his parents, and that his Heavenly Father loved him enough to bring us all together. That particular first is one that will remain in our hearts forever.


Jennifer said...

As I read the part about wondering what Michael's life would be like if God hadn't chosen you guys to be his family, I smiled. Isn't it cool to think that God chose you and Mickey to provide Michael with such an awesome gift, the chance to grow up in a Christian home. Not just any Christian home, but a home in which both parents are such strong witnesses for Jesus. I have found myself wondering what type of environment Emrie could have ended up in if Chad and Amy had not adopted her.

Jeremy Kane said...

aww man you should have let him ride the bus little boys love to gross out little girls. it is what we do best, and nothing grosses them out like puke!! come on mom STM