Monday, November 5, 2007

The Daughter of a King

Yesterday we celebrated Kailyn's 3rd Birthday. She had a princess party, and of course received many princess gifts. She is really in to dress up right now, ans she received a ton of dress up items; gowns, tiaras, purses, and shoes. She was so excited as she opened each one, and she couldn't wait to dress up. After all of her gifts were opened, she went into Aunt Carly's room and proceeded to transform herself into Cinderella. The look on her face said it all... she was excited to be a princess, and she couldn't wait to get her magic wand and a purse and begin to play.

As we watched her (she eventually took the bridal headpiece from the bridal wear she received and put it on!) it was amazing to see how something so simple could transform how you see yourself.

Kind of like putting on Christ isn't it? Once you have accepted that he has forgiven your sins and you realize that you have cast off your old self, you begin to see that you are a new creation in Christ. I think that we should all take a good long look at the face of Princess Kailyn... can you see the joy, the excitement and the anticipation?

That should be how we look each day! Joyous over the gift we have been given, excited to share it with others and anticipating what is to come.... after all, we are all sons and daughters of the King of Kings. It's time we act like it!!


Amy said...

She is a beautiful little princess!

Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE IT! You know me - I'm always wanting reminders of being a Princess! Now, if only I could wear my Belle dress on a daily basis to show everyone who I am....oh well -I guess I just have to show it with Christian attitude!

I love that EVERY age enjoys the truth of being a Princess! Nothing better!