Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Jesus Clouds

I love to take pictures of Jesus Clouds... there have been many times I wished I had my camera with me, and this week I got lucky. I managed to grab a couple of good shots. So are you wondering just what a Jesus Cloud is????

When I was a small child my grandmother told me when we saw clouds such as this Jesus was looking down from heaven...inviting all those who had died that day to come and be with him. Morbid... no... not when you believe that you will rest with Jesus for eternity when you die. And can you imagine... making your way to such a glorious sight when you go to be in heaven.

So when I see these clouds I can't help but smile and wonder who Jesus is welcoming home!


Rebecca Jo said...

I've always called them "God Clouds" - I love when the sky is dark & you see one beam shining down. We always say God is sending his blessings down on someone!

Jeremy Kane said...

Kool I love those kinda clouds too never thought of it that way but will from now on take care.