Monday, August 13, 2007


Mickey and I are very "family oriented" people. In fact, most of the time we just socialize with our kids and their families. We love nothing more than having the kids and grands over for a meal and fellowship. We have so little extra time that we love to cram in family time when we can. Yet, this weekend was different.

Ricky, Rebecca, Mike, Amy and Jordan paid us a visit for 'game night'. Now, of course that included food...what get together doesn't? After a meal, we set about playing games until late in the evening. We had a great time... there was "bean bag" toss in the yard, poker (no real money!), Catch-phrase, Speed Uno, Bible Mad Gab, and my favorite... Scrabble!!! The house was filled with laughter, conversation and competition. It was a great night.

And you know... I don't think that we strayed from our family time... our kids and grands were here too... and I believe that we were all one big happy family.... you see... we were in fellowship with like minded believers. We are all sons and daughters of the king, and that makes us family.

I am looking forward to more "family nights"...and who knows, we might just add a few new members to the family along the way!!!


Amy said...

We had a great we always do when we spend time with our adopted family.....I could use more of that puppy chow! Mmmmm..

Rebecca Jo said...

Me & Ricky completely enjoyed being part of the "Family"! Your whole gang is just an amazing group of people! I'm just thrilled I have a Scrabble buddy! (I see many games lying ahead in the future!)

We love you guys! You are definately a blessing to us!

Anonymous said...

We had a ton of fun. Always love to get together with you guys and the food is always delicous! YUM!