Tuesday, August 21, 2007

A Busy Week

This has been a very busy week so far and it is only Tuesday night! I realized that I hadn't posted anything for nearly a week. Things have been "crazy hectic" around here.

Last week Carly and Michael both started school. Add to that a couple of interviews and appointments and the time just seemed to fly by. We even had a trip to Cincinnati on Sunday and Indy on Monday...and the paper was due to the printer today. It just seems that when it rains it pours! And the rest of my week is no different. Friday is the only day that I don't have something on my schedule. And that can change very quickly around here.

As I have gone from one place to the next over the past few days I have realized that the only really quiet time I've had was in prayer...and that even gets disturbed every now and then. However, I have learned to "pray on the run" and I am convinced that God hears these prayers just as well as he does the ones where I am in a quiet place.

I often find myself in conversation with God as I travel. My radio stays on a Christian station (unless Carly finds her way to the buttons when I am not looking!) and I love singing and praising God as I travel. I think that the most time I get with God is when I am delivering the paper to churches in the area. It takes between 4 and 5 hours to do my route. God and I can have some pretty amazing conversations during that time... and we definitely get our praise and worship going.

So for those of you that think you don't have nearly enough time to pray or spend quality time with God you had better think again. God is with us throughout our entire day...not just in the quiet moments that we "reserve" for him...he is in it ALL. So the next time you are on your way to work, or the grocery, or to the doctor's office turn the radio up and sing praise to your Father in Heaven...and lift up a prayer or two... he's right there beside you waiting for you to notice he is there.

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Anonymous said...


One of my favorite things about running errands is knowing it will be a time to praise God, turn up the radio, and the kids are all in their seat belts and can't move or get into trouble! (3 small boys can do an incredible amount of damage in a short amount of time!) We definetly need our time in His Word, as I havent had a regular time each day to do that, and I can feel the affects! But we also sure need to remember He is not limited to our set time of our private worship each day. We can talk to Him anywhere! Praise God for that!

~Kim (COP)