Friday, August 24, 2007

The Band

Since I have a difficult time saying no (okay not ALL the time, but sometimes!), I have been painting the props for this year's EHS Marching Band show. The title of the show is "Timeline" and it covers Formation, Civilization and Exploration.

When I designed the banners for the back field and took my mock up in to the director he looked them over very seriously and said, "This sort of looks like the "big bang" or something. Or like creation." I said, "Oh really, is there a problem with that... I mean, you decided on the names for each movement." He then said... "So do you believe in the big bang?" To which I replied, "Of course... God couldn't have spoken everything into being and there not have been a large bang associated!"

So if you get the chance to come to one of Carly's performances, check out the back field banners... and while you are looking at them, you can be sure that I had creation in mind, and wanted the viewer to come away with that feel. I believe that everything we do needs to point the way to the Creator... including painting back drops for marching band.

And for those of you at GCC, Carly will have a performance at Floyd Central on September 22... hope to see you there!

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