Saturday, June 23, 2007


It was so nice yesterday afternoon. When we finished supper we went outside and I decided that I had better do a little weeding. This has been a strange growing season. I have had volunteer flowers pop up in some of the strangest places. They are really very lovely, but I have never actually had flowers like those in the spots where they have decided to grow.

In the back of the house I have a good sized section of petunia's where I have never had any before. I really thought that was odd, and then I noticed that I also have some growing in the front of the house as well. I also had an entire pot of purple waves emerge from a pot I had last year. I saw these small green leave in the spring and decided I would just see what happened. Well... beautiful purple waves happened!

I have never checked out this type of flower to see if they seems that they must. I am just enjoying the free flower show that God has provided.

I would never dream of pulling up these flower just because I didn't plant them in their locations. To discard something beautiful just because you didn't personally place it somewhere just seems wrong somehow. As I carefully pulled the weeds from around these little surprises I couldn't help but wonder how they arrived where they are, and marvel at how beautiful they look.

I guess that life is kind of like these flowers... there are surprises in your life that just crop up, and you aren't sure where they came from. Many of us don't like surprises and we try to discourage them from growing...maybe we just need to take a second look at what has been sent our way. Instead of trying to pull them up by the roots and removing them from our lives, we need to sit back and see what God grows from them. It might be weeds, or it might just end up being the prettiest patch of flowers you've ever seen. Sometimes, it is just worth the wait!

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