Friday, June 22, 2007

Running on Empty

Yesterday the kids and I spent the day running from one errand to the next...Ben Franklin Crafts for the finishing touches on bridal flowers for a young couple; Big Lots for "kiss the pig" buckets (that will be a whole entry in itself down the road!) Hancock Fabrics for material for my youngest granddaughter's christening gown and of course, Walmart! VBS is right around the corner and I needed supplies, not to mention a few groceries!

By the time we returned home it was nearly 6:00. Mickey threw some chicken on the grill as I took Carly to practice and returned home to make a side dish. I was tired!! As Carly and I sat and watched So You Think You Can Dance at 9:00, I began to go over all that I had to do just made me a little more tired!!

As I prepared for bed, my mind was continually going over each task that I would do today: run over to an interview at 10:00, go to Salem and discuss band shirt options with the printer, look into the design for a backdrop for marching season, call about the pick up of the next issue of the paper, finish the bridal bouquets, cut out the pattern for the dress for Emma... the list just continued to grow.

I climbed into bed a little after 11:00 and as I looked at my devotional, I thought... "I am just too tired tonight!" Yet something prompted me to just pick up the book. As always, when I get into a bit of the Word, I began to feel a sense of peace, a recharging of my batteries. And it hit me... I had been running on empty at the end of the day, and all that I really needed was to spend some time in God's Word to get recharged!!

Looking over my day, I think that I may have to learn to take it a little least at some point! Running out of gas isn't fun... but isn't it funny... the best fill up you can get doesn't cost you a dime... just a little bit of time... spent with the Father....

Have a wonderful day.....

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