Sunday, June 24, 2007

A Day at the Ranch

Today we celebrated the arrival of our new Senior Minister, Chad Doerr, and his family at Greenville Christian Church. Our church has been very blessed to have such a wonderful addition brought to us by God. When we began the search for a senior minister, I prayed that God would send us someone who would lead our church forward, and he has done just that. I am very thankful that God answers prayer!!

All of those who attended our church's gathering today seemed to have a great time. Held at "the Ranch" the church's new property in Harrison County, the anticipation of what is to come could be felt by all. It was great to sit and imagine the possibilities.

A giant "slip and slide" was set up for the kids. I am not sure who "the kids" really were...the young children who were enjoying the slide, or the adults who were in charge. A few people took the ride that had no intention of doing so....but... those who got wet were dry soon enough!

As I wandered around taking pictures and video of the day, I couldn't help but watch the faces of everyone there. Each face held the hope of a new beginning. A sense of peace and contentment filled the old barn where we took our meal. A new beginning....

I can't wait to see where God takes GCC.... I think we might just all need to hang on for the ride.

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