Tuesday, June 8, 2010

To sing....

On Saturday, while being out and about all day long with the open house, I guess my allergies got the best of me. By the time graduation was over, my voice would have rivaled Barry White's... well actually... Barry Smith's!!! You see, our music minister's name is Barry, and he has a pretty deep voice. I LOVE to sing with Barry... I enjoy harmonizing with him because his voice IS so deep. While I sing alto, it is a pretty low alto.

I knew by Saturday night that singing was just NOT going to be an option for me on Sunday morning. And I was truly disappointed. I sing back-up vocals around 4 months out of the year... and since it only happens once a quarter, I really look forward to my time singing. Not only that, but I get to sing with my best sister-friend Rebecca, which is just too much fun.

I have to tell you how hard it was to NOT sing during service. I had already taught my SS class, so my voice was already rough. And I REALLY wanted to sing the harmony on the songs that were being sung that morning. Some of them I really ENJOY the harmony parts so much... but I tried very hard to NOT sing. I didn't want to make a bad problem worse.

As I stood there, doing my best MillieVanilli impression, I realized just how much the praise song portion of the service can enhance your whole experience. I wonder how people can just stand there and NOT sing praises to their Lord and Savior. And trust me... people DON'T sing on Sunday mornings... I've seen it first hand. It always seems so funny to me to be standing up in front of a congregation looking out and seeing just how many people don't move a muscle during the singing. No muscle, no lips... not even a blink of an eye. It is like they are only ENDURING that portion of the service. (And believe it or not.. we SEE you not enjoying it!!!) After Sunday I can't help but think that they are SO missing out on something that is wonderful! They are missing out on a opportunity to be JOYFUL in the pressence of their SAVIOR!!!!

So from now on, if I see you standing there NOT singing, I may just run up and ask you to sing with me... I got to feel what you are missing... now I want YOU to see what I've found!!!



Rebecca Jo said...

Can we get one of those red laser pointers & start shining it right in between their eyes if they dont sing? Oh... that would be fun!!!

Anonymous said...

Oh man, but the singing is probably one of the most important parts of the service for me!! God often speaks to me during the singing.

What irritates me the most is hearing people have conversations during the singing. Grrrr. One of these days I'm going to look pointedly at them, give them the eye, and smile while singing and pointing to my lips.


Sorry about your voice. I'm sure God heard your heart singing, though. There's something to be said for that!!!