Thursday, April 1, 2010

Just wanted to share a few pictures with you... first, Emma Rose with her Birthday cake.

Then... all our kids! Aren't they all just precious?! It is funny when look at this picture... there are just so many years between them all! And Michael, he is one lucky little boy having so many big sisters to watch over him!

And here is my mom, or Gram as the kids call her... and Kailyn added into the mix. I was taking the picture or there would have been four generations!!!! And Emma was too busy running around playing to get in on the "girl" shot!

Looking forward to this weekend, and celebrating Easter. All the kids and grands will be here, and it looks like the day will be a nice one. We have an Easter service to attend... eggs for hunting... and a great meal planned.
Friday night, our church, Greenville Christian, will be holding a Good Friday service at 7. The Ensemble will be singing, and both Carly and I are taking part. It will be a great way to begin the Easter weekend. At our final practice last night, a mother and son from our church practiced their duet... and I must tell you... it was amazing! The words to the song were just so powerful... Enjoy! Oh yeah... kleenex alert!!!!



Rebecca Jo said...

Oh my gosh... got chills just listening to this song again... but I think watching Debbie with her SON Josh - the two of them together singing it - that was the most amazing thing... cant wait to see it again Friday...I think I need to tuck the Kleenex in my pocket for that day!!!

And super stoked on how awesome Carly is doing singing too - the solo Alto part... Go Carly GO Carly!!!

erica said...

Wow thanks for the warning. That was beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I love that song!!