Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Sound of Quiet

Well, the grands have gone home... unwillingly, but they are gone. Kailyn and I have a special bond, as I watched her for the first several months of her life... we are close... and she told me this morning... she wasn't going home... she was staying with me forever. It didn't take Camden long to join in, although he spent some teary eyed moments missing his Mommy over the past few days. Kailyn was finally pacified as I printed out a chart for her counting down the days until she comes back to Nanny's house... just 18 in all.

The quiet in the house after they left was amazing.... Michael headed straight to his computer game, and it was really funny to hear NOTHING after 4 days of EVERYTHING! And as quiet as it is... it is still a little sad. Wonder if this is what God thinks after we've spent a long time praying to him for something we desire... and then when we get what we've asked for ... or we get tired of praying... we just stop talking to him? I'm thinkin' maybe.... anyway....

Just wanted to leave you with a few pictures from our time with the kiddos....

Emma, Camden, Levi and Kailyn







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Rebecca Jo said...

I know that quiet... happens when Julie & Isaac leaves... its a weird "sound"