Saturday, February 13, 2010

Cooking and a little Love...

Fixed one of our new favorites last night... and even Carly ate most of the veggies... a first for her! And Michael... well, obviously, he loves his Chinese food... he was pretty excited.

This stir-fry is so easy, and VERY tasty... I use...

Sliced button mushrooms
green onions
1 rib diced celery
1 pkg. fresh snow peas
1 head nappa cabbage
sliced chicken breast

I use a combo of olive oil and a little sesame oil for flavor to cook it it.... and I vary the amounts of veggies used depending on how many I am feeding...

First you cook the chicken and put it off to the side... (I wipe out the pan and start again with the oil!) I put all the veggies except the cabbage in the wok and continue to stir it until they become tender (NOT mushy) then I add the cabbage as it wilts pretty fast... I throw in the cooked chicken... and then I add some soy sauce (also depends on the amount of veggies I have!) Stir that around a bit then move the veggies to the outside edge of the wok and add some cornstarch mixed with water to the boiling liquid in the center to thicken the sauce a bit.

I serve this over minute rice cooked with some chicken broth for flavor.... YUMMY and healthy!

And just as we sat down to eat, Mickey has to "go downstairs for a minute"... and up he comes with a dozen roses for me to enjoy over the weekend!!! How sweet is that?!

Happy Valentine's Day to you all...