Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Time to Make a Change....

Have you ever had a time when you just KNEW that change was necessary... but you HATED the thought of making it?? That is where I am right now... on so MANY levels! But one huge change I have to make is in the way I eat. After reading the blog of my best sister friend, Rebecca (Knit by God's Hand), I began to do a little reflection, and I didn't like what I saw when it comes to me and my eating habits.

Now, let me tell you, this girl LOVES her food! Food for me has always been that "constant friend". Got a problem? Eat a little something. Feeling down? Eat a little more. Happy?? Eat something really good! Bad news...... well.... you get the picture?

On top of that... I LOVE to cook.... and not just cook, but BAKE!!!! I love to try new recipes... I love to make Fried Chicken for my husband because it is his favorite (and let's not forget the mashed potatoes and gravy that MUST go along with that!). I love to cook up creamy wild rice soup... the kids love it. I adore making pumpkin bread.... banana bread... cookies... pies and cakes! And the trouble with that is... when I make it, I eat it! And let's not even talk about my love for going to a restaurant and trying new things.... or digging in to a particular favorite!

And in the process of all this LOVE, I have gotten extremely overweight (yes, let's use the word obese, why not? The doctors have!) I have blood pressure issues, my cholesterol is off the charts without meds, and thanks to my love of food over the holidays, my reflux is KILLING me.

I guess if I wanted to be like the vast majority of people, I could try and find something to blame all of this on, (my past, or relationship glitches, or I'm just "built this way") but in reality, I have only myself to lay the blame on. I know that I have choices, and I often take the easiest, (and most tasty!) choice available. And I know that if I accept the blame for this (and I am!) then I have to take the steps necessary to fix the problem.

A New Year's Resolution? Nope, never can keep those. It is just time! God did not create me to be this way. He does not want me to be unhealthy. Of this I am sure. And if I want to truly be the person God would have me to be, that means I have to make some changes... both physically and spiritually.

So if you want to join me in making a change, leave me a comment.... if you have any suggestions on how to cook better and eat right let me know. If you just want to drop by and leave a word of encouragement from time to time, I would love that. And if you are going to make that change yourself and you'd like a little prayer, let me know.....


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm with you friend... 100% & totally with you! We need to get a "biggest Loser" club together & have fun with it!

... then everyone can join me in the MINI!!!!!!... YIPEE!!!!

PS - love your blogger header & signature... very cute!

Chandra said...

I'm happy for you. I'm hoping that you will notice a change in everything not just the things you mentioned but I'm hoping for a change in your constant pain. It's not easy to make a huge change like this but if it's something you really want and you truly feel like it will make a difference you will be successful. And you can always call and gripe to me because I've already done it.

Christy said...

I'm so IN!!!!! Looks like I'm getting confirmed all over the place on my word for the year. Between you, Rebecca, and Joe - I'm right in-line with what God's wanting me to think of.

Personally, I'm going to look into making my food changes to match up with that of Esther's and Daniel's. To the best of my human ability. Chocolate will not be too far away especially once a month, but the closer I can get to that "healthiest looking and most beautiful" of diets, the better off I'll be. And while I cannot run a mini because of my feet issues, I can certainly workout a bunch to get my gut gone!

I'm totally with you on this, and Rebecca may have something on that club thing!