Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Let it snow... let it snow... let it snow....

As you can imagine, Southern Indiana is in a dither over the prospect of SNOW! Kids are either asking God to bring it on, or keep it away... and yes there are kids who truly don't want to have a snow day! They don't want to have to make up days later in the year.

Carly is one of those kids.... she doesn't want a snow day... she wouldn't mind a 2 hour delay, but she just doesn't want a full day out of school. Part of that is due to the fact she just isn't an outdoorsy kind of girl. She HAS gone outside to sled, or build a snowman, but I'm telling you, it is short lived. She is more like her momma... bring on the hot chocolate, a warm blanket , and a good book. Now THAT is a nice way to spend a snowy day.

But more importantly for her, this is her senior year... and she doesn't want to have her graduation pushed back! Who can blame her for that?! You see, the schools all have built in snow days, but there aren't many. And while the schools used to be able to petition the state and get a few days back at the end of the year, this just isn't a possibility anymore. So now, if they use all of their snow days, then the days must get tacked on to the end of the year.

This can seriously cause problems for those trying to plan vacations.... and for us... planning a graduation party is gonna be tough if I can't be assured of the date. And I am definitely a planner!

So while snow is great... it is pretty.... kids love it... and it is good for the ground... I would just as soon see it fall on Friday night and be off the roads by Monday! Yet, I have been reminded that there is a season for everything under heaven... and I know that while I might not find great joy in the fact that there is snow... I do find great joy in God's creation. And His seasons were created for a purpose... and while I might not enjoy this upcoming weather... there is a quiet found on a snowy morning that you just don't find at any other time. So, I will praise Him for the beauty of the snow and for the warm house that my family and I will enjoy on a cold and snowy day.


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