Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What type of "tip" do you leave????

Following the news this morning the 700 Club came on... now seldom do I watch this, but as I was checking FB, E-mail, etc... I just left it on... and all of a sudden a phrase caught my attention....

"I was leaving God a tip each Sunday".... WHAT?????

They were having a segment on tithing, and the husband and wife they were filming were talking about the moment when they decided to tithe. The husband said that "they had always given at church.... " a little bit here... a little bit there... always leaving God a small tip.... and I couldn't help but think that for many people, they probably give more to a server following a meal than they give to God.

Honestly, my heart aches for those who have not embraced tithing.... is it always easy... no, it isn't. It can be difficult to place money in an offering plate that could provide food for a dinner plate. I've been there, done that. But in all the years that we have given a tithe, God has never failed to provide for our needs. NOW... hear me on this.... I believe that God would provide for our needs even if we DID'T tithe.... but I can tell you that he has always provided ABUNDANTLY.... and we know in our hearts that he is pleased that we continue to give so that his word can be spread!!!!

I know that the next time we go out to eat, I'll think about our tithe when we leave our tip. I hope that it will always serve as a reminder to me that God's gift is worth so much more than a tip could ever repay!


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God's Grace said...

You are so right! and I will think of this when we go out to eat too! He is faithful...always...