Friday, December 11, 2009

Gotta love the smile!

This past Thursday it was Michael's turn to take in snacks for his class. While at Walmart I bought the Pillsbury cookies that have the designs on top and brought them home for us to bake. Michael got to place the cookies on the cookie sheet and then we took a seat in front of the oven to watch them bake. He just wasn't sure that those little round cookies would "grow" big enough for his friends.

So we watched at they baked... and ....

... we watched as they flattened.....

And as you can see he was pretty happy about the whole thing!
We bagged one of each design in individual bags for his friends and he was SO excited. When he came home he said, "All my friends LOVED the cookies". Yep... that smileis what it is all about.



Rebecca Jo said...

You mean you're NOT supposed to sit in front of the oven & wait & watch the cookies? :)

That first picture is nothing but precious!!!! That's memory making stuff right there!

God's Grace said...

Yes Yes I do love the smile! I love baking with Evan, he gets such a kick out of it every time.