Monday, November 30, 2009

Christmas Questions Answered

1. What is your favorite Christmas Movie?
That would be "White Christmas"..... I watch it EVERY year... sometimes more than once... and I have even been known to pull it out during the summer for a "fix"!!!! Love the singing... love the dancing.... just LOVE the movie!!!

2. What is your least favorite Christmas movie?
ANY of the Rudolph or Frost sequels... they are so lame... the originals are great, but the others... not so much.

3. What is your favorite Christmas song?
Thinking that would have to be White Christmas AND Silent Night..... it just doesn't feel like Christmas without hearing them both.

4. What Christmas song drives you crazy?
I Saw Momma Kissing Santa Claus.... followed closely by Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer... where is the Christmas spirit in EITHER of those!!!!

5. What is your favorite Christmas drink? (ie: eggnog...)
Hot Mulled Cider... love the smell.... absolutly cannot stand eggnog... how gross is that!

6. What is your favorite Christmas memory?
Going to my grandparents house on Christmas Eve... we would watch Santa's approach to Louisville... we opened presents... and my grandma made Rice Crispy Treats... and she would sit them on the porch to cool....

7. What is the best toy / gift you received?
As a child, one year I got a "life sized doll".... I remember opening it and I was SO excited... my Pap Sifers tried to trade me his new furry coat for it! As an adult... easy... Mickey asked me to marry him on Christmas day in 1998, in front of the girls... very romantic!!!

8. What is the worst toy / gift you received?
A shower head.... seriously????

9. What do you love about the holidays?
Singing Christmas songs all season long... getting gifts that I feel will be loved... the anticipation... baking cookies....

10. What annoys you most about the holidays?

Seeing Christmas decorations come out in OCTOBER... come on... talk about sucking the joy out of the season!!! What happened to Thanksgiving being the official start to the season???

11. Do you prefer an angel on top of your tree? Or something else?
Angel... my mom and dad have had their angel on their tree... the SAME angel... since they married... she is VERY old... and still beautiful. We used to make her new dresses every couple of years...

12. What is your favorite family recipe?

Christmas Cookies... still use the same recipe book my mom used... LOVE the cookies... REALLY love the dough!

13. Are you a Grinch or a Whoo at Christmas?

A Whoo.... and my youngest granddaughter looks like Cindy Lou Whoo!!!!

14. Christmas light displays - love them or hate them?
LOVE them... can't wait to put ours up... we don't turn them on until Thanksgiving night... a Mickey Rule... but I am SO anxious to get them on!!!!

15. Santas at the mall... fun or creepy?
Anymore... just creepy.....

16. Christmas cards - do you send them, yes or no?Used to send out a TON but postage is so high now... ecards... do those count???

17. What is the best part about Christmas, in your opinion?
The best part is teaching our kids and grands about Jesus... afterall... it is HIS birthday!!!!

18. What is the worst thing about Christmas?
Commercialism.... seriously... I hate the commercials that tell us that Christmas is ALL ABOUT THE GIVING.... DUH... it is SO about the receiving of GOD'S gift to us!!!!

19. When do you put up the tree and take it down?
Up Thanksgiving weekend... down New Year's Day....

20. Out of the 12 days of Christmas, which day and gift would you want your true love to send?
Five golden rings??? But then I'm NOT that into jewelry..... and NO ladies or maids thank you very much!!! So I would have to say two turtle doves.....

21. Why do you think Grandma got run over by a reindeer?
I am thinking that there must have been alcohol involved.... can you think of a better reason???

22. Who is your favorite reindeer?
Comet... and I LOVE the comet on The Santa Claus... he has such attitude!!!!

23. Do you believe in Santa Claus?
And you want me to put it in writing if I don't??? What if he sees it???? He sees EVERYTHING!!!!

24. What is your favorite smell at Christmas time?
Cookies baking.... hands down!

25. What would make you happy at Christmas this year?

The same thing that makes me happy every year... having all of my family.... husband, kids and grands, all together.... and just enough snow to cover the ground, but NONE on the roads!!!!

Have a blessed Holiday Season!!!!!



Rebecca Jo said...

I didnt know Mickey proposed on Christmas!! Ricky proposed to me at Christmas Eve service... after midnight - so techinically, I guess it was Christmas!! THESE Icky's!!!!

I wanna see a pic of the angel in the family! I love old traditional ornaments or decorations that are up every year through the generations... thats cool!

I thought of your Emma-Lou-Who during the Grinch question too! :)

Beth said...

Thanks for sharing the answers to most asked questions about Christmas. It looks awesome. I will post my set of question very soon.

Christy said...

Yeah, that whole proposal-on Christmas-thing would certainly be at the top of the list. And cookies baking, how in the world can you beat that smell?