Monday, November 2, 2009

Halloween 2009

Saturday evening, Mickey and I had the kids and a few friends from church over for our second annual Halloween Costume Party. Last year, we had a bon fire, this year ... no way was that gonna happen. After tons of rain, and a cold snap, we decided to turn our garage into Halloween Central. After draping black table runner all around the room, we strung up some orange lights and added some white Christmas lights and we were in business.

Mickey came as Indiana Jones, and looked quite handsome, and I was a "beautiful witch". Kailyn (below) was excited to be a beautiful witch for Halloween, and when she asked me what I was going to be I told her I wasn't sure yet. She said, "Nanny, you should be a beautiful witch just like me. Or.... the Easter bunny." Yeah... I opted for the beautiful witch! I made Kailyn and I matching capes for the event!

Levi and his mommy came as pirates... however, no one managed to get a picture of Rachel in her costume. But Levi was so cute... occasionally he would remember that there was a bird attached to his shoulder and he would hank on it! Emma came as Snow White, but every time someone would ask to take her picture she would say NO, and then run away.

Carly came as Deb from Napoleon Dynamite. We searched through a couple of Goodwill stores to complete this look. She has let her hair grow for the longest time so she could pull off the side pony. Michel came as a "Robot". The costume was actually "Duke" from the GI Joe movie, but hey, he thought it looked like a robot and that was good enough.

We had a "rock star", Pippi Longstocking, and a "brain donor", just to name a few of the costumes that were worn. We even played pictionary, which got a little cut throat as it was girls against the guys. All it all, it was a great evening of fellowship, and we had a great time.
Next up... Kailyn's 5th Birthday Party. How the time flys by! Then we will be gearing up for Thanksgiving. Can't you feel the excitement of the Holiday's beginning to build?!


Rebecca Jo said...

That was the funnest night! Thanks so much!!!

is anything as sweet as your grand wanting to match you for Halloween! I loved your matching capes!

Joe said...

It truly was a great time and thank you and Mickey so much for throwing the best "get-together's"!!