Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Carly had a baby....

Carly opted to take a parenting class this year... mainly because she loves babies... and she knew that one of the "perks" if you will, was to bring home one of the life-like dolls for a day. When she arrived home yesterday she announced that she had named her baby Paxton Kole, and that she hoped he would be a "good" baby. The "mom" who had him the night before only gotten three hours of sleep!
The smile on Carly's face (above) was soon replaced by a frown as the night wore on. Just as she sat down to supper and took a bite, the baby cried... she tried to feed him... not what he wanted... so she changed him... and he went back to sleep.... just as she finised eating he cried again.. this time he needed to eat. This went on all evening long... and it was funny to watch as she tried to decide what he needed. These babies even BURP! But he did "sleep" from 9:30 to 3:30, and after eating and being changed, was still asleep when Carly got up at 6:45.
Just as Carly was leaving for school, Paxton woke up again... he had slept the entire time she got ready for school, which was a good thing, and he was set to "turn off" at 8:00 AM, so out the door she went at 7:45... and he cried. So there she was... out on the driveway all hunkered down over this doll changing its diaper right out in the cold.... hmmm.... not a "real" baby way to deal with it. The last thing I heard her say was... "He better not cry when I'm driving to school cause I'm gonna be late and I don't have TIME to feed him." AHHHHH.... the words of a true mom! I myself have uttered those exact words on many occasions as I have loaded up a baby in the car and headed to work.... brought tears to my eyes... oh yes... tears of laughter.
I will almost bet that as she drags her tired body to church tonight she'll be thankful that she didn't go ahead and sign up to have this baby all weekend long as she originally wanted to... and I think that she'll have alot more empathy for those new moms who bring their babies to the nursery on Sunday morning.

Oh, and Michael couldn't STAND the baby... he has an aversion to baby dolls in general, but one that actually CRIES, and sounds like it is drinking and burps... yeah... I think he thought it was possessed or something.... he couldn't wait to see Carly taking it out of the house this morning... and as we drove away from the house he said, "Carly is taking that baby back to school, right?" Yes Michael. "And it isn't coming back,right?" Yes Michael. The smile on his face said it all!!!


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Rebecca Jo said...

I know that title makes people's heart jump a little!!!

What a cool way to let girls get that experience! We had KITTY LITTER to tote around! Generic! if the kitty litter bag got tore, then you failed... easy enough - bubble wrap & throw in the locker! A+