Thursday, June 25, 2009

Question for the Day

What would you do with a million dollars???

Here is why I ask...

Our adoption agency, Bethany Christian Services sends out a monthly newsletter via e-mail - it lists Children of Promise (special needs children) who are available. They only showcase a few each month, but there are so many in need who are just longing for a family. And believe it or not, sometimes that "special need" is nothing more than the age of the child. You see, most people want to adopt infants, the older children are often just not thought of.

That truly breaks my heart. Michael turned 4 while we were in China to "pick him out" as he puts it. Yes, Michael did have CL/CP, but he was also older, which was included as a "need". In this months newsletter they showcased children from Taiwan, and there was one little boy on the list whose only need was that he was an "older child". Yes, an other child at the age of 6!!! He is a beautiful little boy with a smile that just melted my heart.

So, if I had a million dollars I know the first thing I would do, I would bring this child home to live with us, and I would love him with all my heart. As for now, all I can do is hope and pray that someone out there will see this little face and have the ability to bring him home, where he can be showered with love and affection. Yep... a million dollars would go a long way... and I would bring home as many children as I could bribe Mickey into letting me have, because EVERY child needs someone to love on them!!!

If you are interested in adoption, please don't hesitate to contact Bethany Christian Services, they will be more than happy to place a child in your arms that will love you as much as you love them!



Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

We have this conversation around our house quite often.....Josie-Tatum changed the tone of answers in her kindergarten class when asked what they would do with a million dollars.

I, too, my dear sister, would bring home as many children as I could with a million dollars, as many as Stan could be persuaded to let me bring, of course,


Anonymous said...

If I had a million bucks I would definately adopt...after I convinced Jeff of it.