Thursday, June 25, 2009

Two Posts - One Day

Crazy isn't it? But... I just had to share this picture sent to me by one of the "special daughters" that I have been blessed with... the caption underneath read - "I love my new blanket".

This is Emily Jean, whose Daddy, Joe, and Mommy, Erica are like a part of our family. To Emily I will be "Aunt Nanny", and I made her this blanket before she was born. So she is certainly wrapped in a lot of love there!! And isn't she just plain gorgeous!



erica said...

thanks Lynn, yes I have to agree she is pretty georgous :) You will be a very special person to her, I am so glad she will grow up knowing you!!

Anonymous said...

Love it!! She is such a doll and looks so cozy in her "nanny blanket".

Rebecca Jo said...

Nothing more adorable then a baby face!! Especially THAT baby face!! Look how snuggled she is in your blanket... she knows it was made with love!!! :)

Joe said...

My sleeping angel is so perfect!

Especially in her blanket. Thanks Nanny Lynn!