Saturday, June 6, 2009

One Happy Daddy

Our friends Joe and Erica were blessed with a beautiful baby girl yesterday evening. After two weeks or so of bed rest they were excited about her arrival. At 7:47 PM Emily Jean arrived via C-section, and was greeted by a large group of anxious family and friends.

Now I have to tell you, my buddy Joe is ONE HAPPY DADDY!!! Unfortunately I had to get home to my own little guy, so I wasn't able to see Erica last night, but Joe was obviously very much in love with his little girl!

And who can resist a girl with a head full of hair????

Congratulations my friends... you are gonna be some kind of awesome parents!!!!

1 comment:

Rebecca Jo said...

Look at Emily's eyes open in that picture!!! :) Isnt she beautiful!!! Funny how many people can fall in love instantly with a little baby!

& yipee for me & carly with the cheerleaders pose!! :) hehe!!!