Friday, June 12, 2009

Making the Call

Several afternoons this week my cell phone has rang around 5:30 PM.... when I answer I hear one of the sweetest sound....

"Nanny, I've been a good girl at day care!"

That would be our oldest granddaughter, Kailyn, giving me her daily report. You see, for awhile Kailyn was going through a rebellious stage... she was "asserting her independence" in a mighty way. She had decided that she didn't need to listen to anyone, especially her mommy and daddy, and that attitude was spilling over into daycare. So for awhile I was receiving a call from my daughter telling me about the "bad days" that Kailyn was having. It became a battle of the wills in their house. And it was waged for awhile before the battle was finally won!

Just this week Kailyn's day care provider, Miss Janet, told Chandra that Kailyn had been doing wonderfully. She has finally turned the corner and has become quite the helper! Kailyn had to call and tell me how good she has been, and I am always excited to get the opportunity to encourage her good behavior.

On the flip side... our grandson Camden has decided it is time to wage his war for independence. As stubborn and hardheaded as Kailyn is, I believe that he might just be worse. So, while one battle has been won, the war is far from over. Strategies have been adjusted and both sides have drawn their battlelines!

At the end of each conversation with Kailyn she asks if I can talk to Cam, and I always say yes. When I ask him if he was a good boy or a bad boy that day his answer always varies... and he always tells the truth... so I often hear "I was a bad boy"! And he always tells me what he has done that is bad. I guess there should be some consolation in this... he knows when he is wrong and that is half the battle!!! While it is discouraging for my daughter and son-in-law to have to wage another battle so soon, I have no doubt that they will win... they are determined that their children will grow up to be wonderful adults!

I have to wonder what we would say if we were able to call God on HIS cell at the end of our day... would we be like Kailyn and say "I had a good day" or like Cam and say "I was a bad boy (girl)".... I wonder just how honest we would be? Just like Kailyn and Camden, who call to receive the praise of someone they love, we can go to God looking for approval from the one who created us... yet we often forget to be honest! And the funny thing is, God ALREADY KNOWS how our day went... he was beside us each step of the way. And when we make a mistake, He is just waiting for us to admit our failure so that he can help us to make better choices.

The most important thing to remember is that He is always ready to celebrate our successes! So at the end of your day, don't forget to make that call, let God know how your day went, be honest with him, admit where you have failed, seek his guidance in those areas, but be sure and share your successes! While he already knows, he LOVES to be in conversation with you! You will be surprised just how excited you will become to share you day once you begin this habit. And like Kailyn, you will do your best to be your best when you know you can share your day with someone you love, and who loves you in return!!!!

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Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

The honesty of children in priceless...we should be so honest with Jesus,