Friday, May 15, 2009

My Niche

You may not know this.... or you might... but I don't have a "REAL" job (as someone recently pointed out to me!) ... but I do have a job of sorts... (okay, besides being a mom!). I am a substitute teacher. I work in our local school system a few days a week, and for the most part... I love it! Yep... I said for the most part.... you see, I found out today that while high school kids are okay... they truly aren't my thing (sorry to any HS kid who might be reading this!)

Now, it isn't that I don't like them, it is just that I like elementary kids better! Way too much major drama in the HS arena... I can tolerate the drama in elementary much better... you know... "she doesn't want to be my friend"... and two minutes later they are inseparable! Or how about... "he took my pencil" and then five minutes later the whiner offers the same child a pencil to use during math. Yeah... that is my type of drama! In HS you get the "he said this about me" and "she talked to my boyfriend" etc... etc... etc.... you know... the 'END OF THE WORLD" type of drama.

And elementary kids... they still listen.... don't get me wrong... they don't listen great... but at least they listen. HS kids... yep... they already know all the answers and have figured out life... and when they look at me... they can't believe that I would understand... after all I was surely born at the age I am now, right?

I think that everyone has their "teaching niche" and I think that today I learned where mine is... down at the Elementary where the hugs are the greatest... and they are ALWAYS happy to see me!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

What? Not a real job? Its REAL enough to take you away from Scrabble - I know that!!!!

Oh, the fun of HS Drama! And the HS Drama starts younger & younger... Jr high is getting bad! Before you know it - your Elementary school kids will be the same way! NOOO!!!!!!

Terry said...

hmmm, I'd take those hugs too :)

Blessed Mom of Four, Now Five said...

That's why I teach fourth graders!