Thursday, February 26, 2009

I encourage you to visit this blog!

A few weeks ago I found this blog, The Journey, by the usual means, through another blog! I have been just absolutely blown away by this story. Today, I encourage you to go visit Katie, and read through her blog, find out all you can about her, and then be in prayer for her and her ever growing family.

This sweet soul is still so very young, but so very old in many ways... and extremely mature in her trust in God's leading. I know that you will be moved by the task she has undertaken, and I know that she will be on your heart.

After you've had the opportunity to read some, let me know what you think. And if you get the chance maybe you can lead others to her blog as well. The more who read... the more that will be in prayer for her mission.


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm going to go check her out right now... look at those sweet smiles from everyone in that picture!!!

Anonymous said...

What an amazing lady...I've read a few of her posts today and her faith is awesome.