Sunday, November 30, 2008

Getting in the spirit!

Thanksgiving is over... FINALLY!!! Sad to say, as much as I anticipate the day... I am really tired of turkey right now!!!! We actually went to eat Chinese after church today. Michael was thrilled! He ate his weight in lo mien noodles and fried rice. You can take the boy out of China but... well.... you can fill in the rest!

We came home and spent the rest of the afternoon preparing the house for the holidays. We had managed to get the outside lights up on Friday... and as it was cold and rainy all day today, I was thankful. So today was just the inside.

As I began to put the garland on the banister Michael started to get excited... he bounced from the banister to the table that holds the Christmas Village. Now, I have quite a collection of houses and churches, and I have 5 that I keep up all year above the window in the living room. Last week he began asking to turn those on, and has turned them on daily since. So he was beside himself when the whole village started going up. Once I was finished he declared it "beautiful"!

Then we moved on to the tree. This is Michael's third Christmas with us. The first two he was more of a witness to the festivities than a participant. Apparently this year, all that has changed. As Carly began unpacking all the ornaments (a ton of those as well!) he was grabbing them as fast as he could, running to place them on the tree. Most of our ornaments are filled with memories... purchased on vacations or received as gifts. There are ornaments with grandkids names as well... with new ones added with each addition! I love to look at each one and remember where we were when each was purchased. Someday when Michael is older I hope that he will appreciate each one as I do.

I did shed a tear as I placed the tree skirt under the tree. Our dog, Roscoe, went to "doggie heaven" this year, and he slept under the tree each year, snuggled down under the tree, dreaming of chasing rabbits. I found myself really missing him at that moment. Hugs from Carly and Michael made it "all better".

Watching the excitement on Michael's face and hearing the laughter as Carly handed Michael each ornament, I began to feel a hint of anticipation. The holidays are so different when you view them with "child-like" wonder.

And I think that this is the way we should be viewing our walk with Christ... through the eyes of children. Always looking at the wonder of all that he has to offer us. Always feeling excited by what he places before us each day. Always finding the laughter in the moment. Always anticipating his return. I know... as adults it is hard to hold on to that child-like wonder. But... I think it would be well worth the effort... don't you?!

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Rebecca Jo said...

You got the Michael Seal of Approval!!! But did you get the "MIC" at the end - heheheheh!!!!