Thursday, August 14, 2008

Simple Inspirations

One of the magazines that I receive through the mail is Women's Day. I must confess, I don't get it for all the articles on how to get organized, or how to save $$$ at the store... I get it because I love the recipes! Sad isn't it? That is the first place I turn to in any magazine. I love to look at recipes. I might never make what I see, but I enjoy seeing how other's throw together a few simple items and make something wonderful.

Another favorite feature in this magazine is always found on the back page - inspirational quotes from those who are or were famous. There were a couple in the September 16th issue that really sparked my interest...

There are no secrets to success. It is the result of preparation, hard work and learning from failure. Colin Powell

Now isn't that a question that we have all asked at one point or another... how can we be a success at what we do? Be Prepared... Work Hard... and Learn! And not just learn, but learn from our failure! I really feel like that is something that we are NOT passing along to our children. Failure isn't something that we should be ashamed of, it is something to learn from! Not everyone wins all the time... there will always be someone who comes in last. I think of how many times the disciples must have gone into a new town and walked away feeling as if they had failed. But that didn't stop them from going into the next town, did it? Of course not! I am sure that there were many nights spent around a small fire, eating a simple meal, with a discussion about what they could do differently at their next stop to get people to listen to the gospel!

You can't be brave if you've only had wonderful things happen to you. Mary Tyler Moore

Why do bad things happen to good people? A universal question... one asked by people of all ages, all races, all creeds. I think that MT Moore hit it right on target.... bad things happen and from those events you must learn to be brave. Bravery will get you through life... especially being brave because you know that Christ is right by your side. What more does one need to get past the curves that are thrown your way than Christ and a sense of bravery! I imagine it took a great deal of bravery for Saul to become Paul... going from a persecutor of Christians to a Christian himself! I can just see him now, walking down the streets of towns where he was known for his hatred of Christians, wondering how he would be received as he preached the words of Christ! Frightened... I would think so... but knowing that Christ, with whom he had a personal relationship, was by his side... what bravery must have filled his very being! And bad things did happen to Paul, all throughout his ministry. Yet he continued on, being brave AND learning from his failures.

Two small inspirational quotes... so many ways they can be applied to our lives.... just a little something to think about .....

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