Sunday, September 9, 2007


Today we met Chandra, Jeff and the kids in Salem and said our goodbyes. Now... I have been reminded several times today that they are only going to be an hour and a half away, but when you are accustomed to seeing someone several times a week, that is a hard adjustment no matter where they are going!

I am very happy for the kids, it will be great for them to be together again. It is hard to have a good marriage when one of you is gone all week long. Solid relationships cannot be built on weekends! And this is awesome for the "grands", they need to have their daddy. So on both of those counts I am thrilled. And I have found that I can be thrilled, even with a sad face!

Keep my kids in your prayers as they begin this new adventure in life. I am sure that they will have adjustments to make, but I also know that with Christ as the head of their home they will do just fine.

And me....???? Well, I will just have to learn to focus on the fact that they will now live near the outlets in Columbus, and I will begin to make my Christmas list!!!!! Shopping... it is the universal cure-all!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

SNIFF! I know you're sad on one hand but happy as well! & I agree - shopping heals all! Especially a sale!

Anonymous said...

hate to see them leave but I know you all will be okay. If you are too sad you can always have a game night and I'll let ya beat me to feel better lol.