Thursday, September 6, 2007

Back in the saddle

Last night we had our first Wednesday night program at church. I couldn't believe the numbers that were there for the meal. I think that we actually topped 100, which is great. Following the meal various programming went on throughout the church. The adults headed to Round 2, a new program designed to build on Sunday's sermon. The high school and junior high headed to their respective buildings and those below the 5th grade headed downstairs.

The 1st through 5th grade have a program called K.I.A..... Kid's In Action. It is a great program filled with music, drama and lessons. Unfortunately, it was a little too much for kids below the 1st grade. They seemed a little overwhelmed. So...beginning this year we have a program for kids who are between the ages of 4 and Kindergarten... I like to call us the "Wee K" class. We ll have music, but it is a little different than the KIA group. We are going to focus on the "older songs" like This Little Light of Mine, His Banner Over Me is Love and Deep and Wide. Songs that have motions more geared for little ones. We are also going to work on building on Sunday's lessons. Repetition is the key with the little ones. We are even going to work on learning the names of the disciples through song this month.

While I have filled in on occasion downstairs, I hadn't taught a class in a long time. I really enjoyed it and it was kind of nice to get back in the saddle. The ten children in our class were great and I think we will have a wonderful year ahead. And from the looks of everyone following class I'd say that all who come to Wednesday nights will have the opportunity to be blessed! If you weren't able to make it, I encourage you to come and check it out!!!

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