Thursday, August 2, 2007

Still a band geek!

I was in the marching band during both my junior high and high school years and I loved it. While I marched I did flags and baton (yes, I was once skinny enough to be considered for those positions!) In concert season I played a number of different instruments over the years. I began with the clarinet then moved to baritone, mellophone and french horn, and I would throw in the trumpet on occasion. I loved getting a new instrument and mastering it. I also enjoyed getting to know everyone in the group. With many different age groups involved, I got to know people from many different classes and I still see many of them out 30 years later.

When Rachel was in band I decided that I needed to be involved with the program to support her. During that time, I became the flag instructor for both the marching season and winterguard season. It was fun, but working with teenage girls isn't easy. Too many hormones flying around, but we all managed to survive. Upon her graduation I backed out of the program, ready for a break.

Carly is now my newest band geek. She is doing great, and she has inherited my desire to play more than one instrument. While she plays the sax during concert season, she is in the Pit for marching season. She plays the marimba, and I have to say, she is very good at what she does. She even made squad leader this year. That involves some added responsibility, but she is up to the task. And in the winter...she will be in winterguard.

Now...while I held a position the position of VP for the boosters for a couple of years, last year I became the president, and still hold that position this year. I have been blessed with a great group of officers who take up my slack. With Michael it isn't always easy to do all that I should, but I try to do as much as I can...I think that it is important to be involved in your children's activities.

For all of you parents (and wanna be parents) out there...I encourage you to be involved in your children's lives. It isn't enough to drive them back and forth, you have to show them that you really care about their activities. My goal has always been to be involved enough that when my children are older they will remember that Mom was there. That they will learn by example and always be there for their children. Kids need to know that mom and dad care about them more than they care about the world... be a coach, teach a SS class, sit in the bleachers for every game, do your best to be visible and can make all the difference in how your child views themselves!!


Amy said...

My mom was ALWAYS there at my cross country meets, my track meets, and my basketball games during the years that I played. She also went to a week of cross country camp in the summers. I did then and still do now appreciate how much of her life she put into the things that I did, and I am sure that it is part of the bond that we share to this kuddos to ya, Lynn. It really DOES matter when parents show that kind of support to their kids. I hope God blesses me with a kid and I will be as much a part of his/her life as my mom was in mine...

Carly said...

Awww you think that i am good!! well at least someone does!!! Thanks for being there for me Mom, i really appriciate it even though i can be a turd sometimes but like you said teenage girl hormones flying around i dont even like them. I Love You!!!

Kim said...

on the flip side of Amy's comment, my mom was never there. So, I've made a promise to myself to be as involved as I possibly can. I am, and I hope it doesn't begin to make my kids ill that I'm around so much!