Saturday, August 4, 2007

One little word

As strange as this was for me... a writer from the Courier came to the house and interviewed Chandra and I a couple of weeks ago. The article appeared in the Saturday issue of the paper. It was really odd to have someone interview me... I much prefer to have it the other way around.

The article was good, and I appreciate the efforts of Patti Smith, the writer. Yet with the slip of one word, my daughter Carly became Asian!!! Instead of the word 'him' the word 'them' appeared and Carly, it seems, joined our family ten months ago from China!

If you know our Carly, you know that she is about as far from Asian as you can get!!! She is the All American, girl next door kind of kid, and we definitely had a great laugh over the article. I even tried to get Michael to teach her how to be Asian, but alas... she is still just Carly! Oh well... we love her just the way she is!

Our hope for the article is that everyone who reads it will see The Good News in a whole new light. We want to be considered a ministry, not a business. Our goal is to help spread God's love and the salvation that Christ offers to everyone who opens the pages of the paper.

One little word can definitely change what we believe to be true... and most believe that seeing is always believing. But remember, as Christians, our goal is to believe even though we don't see... and someday we will see our Savior face to face... now that will make an awesome story!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

That is so funny about Carly! I didn't even get a chance to look in the paper Saturday! That's awesome you were interviewed for the CJ! BIG TIME STUFF!

Anonymous said...

Maybe that is why Carly doesn't like mexican food -- she's chinese lol!

Amy said...

Ya, she looks so Asian doesn't she!! LOL.......I love my little Asian sista!