Monday, July 16, 2007

Yesterday's Sermon

Yesterday's sermon was great... if you like sermons that step on your toes! Chad's sermon was on the tongue. Although he gave us many great facts about the tongue (the number of taste buds, muscles, etc) he also gave us a very disturbing fact about our tongues... they can be deadly!

I have to agree... and I know that I have fallen into that category on both ends in my lifetime! While friends were at the house on Saturday the comment was made that the pen was mightier than the sword, but it was stated very quickly that the tongue was, without a doubt, more deadly than the sword. When Chad started his sermon, I had to sit up and take notice...I felt that since God had brought that phrase into my presence two days in a row...I had better sit up straight and take notes!!!

I especially enjoyed the video at the asked "How many words does it take to destroy someone?" The answer.... one. With one small word we can change the attitude, mar the confidence, or destroy the self-worth of a person...and we can do it in a matter of seconds. And we can NEVER take that word back.

I am going to have to chew on this one for awhile...and repent of a few words spoken in haste. While I chew, I will look for ways to bridle my tongue...

Thanks for a thought provoking sermon Chad... I look forward to more toe stomping... I think that we can all use more of that!!!!! Conviction brings about repentance and repentance brings about a closer relationship with God...and that is what it's all about!!!!!

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Anonymous said...

Right on Lynn. So many of our Pastor's are hesitant to preach on tough subjects....we need boldness from the pupit, the truth spoken in love, and need to lift up our pastors in it must be very difficult to do that. But God blessed it. I just love when we get a toe stomping sermon as you say. Because it DOES bring forth repentance and change.