Tuesday, July 24, 2007

The Windows

Had to go to the eye doctor today for a repeat exam. Ah... the joys of growing older!! But we won't go there today.....

After my eyes were dilated I was taken back to have the doctor take an upclose and personal look at my eyes. It is really very amazing... a light, a mirror, and a magnifier can tell the doctor so much about the health of our eyes. And eyes, it seems, can tell you about health issues realted to other parts of your body.

I couldn't help but wonder about the eyes being called the mirror to our souls...and if you think about it, it is true. Have you ever been in coversation with someone and just watched their eyes. Emotions are played out in our eyes that are very visible to those around us.

I think that my favorite is the "twinkle"... you know... the Santa Claus kind! I just love it when I notice that twinkle ...and it doesn't always involve gift giving... I have seen it when my kids are playing a trick on one another... with the birth of a new child... or the news that someone is expecting. I have seen it when one realizes that they are truly in love.... and when that special someone walks into a room. The "twinkle" is abolutely the greatest!

Sadness is the worst... as words cut... or a loved one is lost... when a stray thought crosses your mind that brings you to a place you just can't seem to hide from. That lost look is a hard one to watch... and the best to see get replaced by the twinkle.

Eyes are just so important...and God created them so that we would have the ability to look someone in the eye and feel what they feel. So the next time you are in conversation be sure and take a good long look at the eyes that are facing you... you might see more than you bargained for...but you might be the one who can bring back a twinkle to eyes that have long grown dim.

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