Monday, July 23, 2007


Yesterday was a big "family day" for us. Our granddaughter, Emma Rose, was dedicated at Pekin UMC. It was a nice service and Emma looked very pretty in the dress that "Nanny" made just for her. She didn't cry... she just kind of stared up at the minister the whole time with this very serious look on her face. Then, she took of his lapel mic and held it in her hand!! It was just cute!

Later in the afternoon we met all the kids and grandkids at the John Hay Center in Salem where we had family portraits taken. This is a really cool area to do that. There are several old log homes and stone archways and paths. I think that the pictures will turn out great. We tried to get one of all the "littles" as Chandra calls them. The ones of Kailyn, Camden and Emma might turn out okay. Once we threw Michael into the mix it just wasn't going to happen. Then we had Leah, our photographer, take a couple of Michael and Kailyn... Kailyn really had a choke hold on Michael. I am so glad we can buy the proofs of all of the pictures... I think that those will be worth having some day!!!

As I watched my kids and their families get their pictures taken, I couldn't help but think about the future. I won't always be around to "take care" of my kids...and as I looked at Chandra and Rachel and their families I realized that it will be all right. They are good girls and their families are doing just fine. Carly is turning into such a wonderful young lady, and I just know that she will do great in life. Michael... well at four years old, who knows... but I do know that no matter what...his sisters will always be there for him. There is a love between them all that is a joy to see.

I thank God daily for loaning me such great kids...and I hope that I have lived up to his call in my life to be their Mom. I am still excited to see where He takes each of them in their lives, and I know that His plan is perfect... and these pictures??? What an awesome reminder of all that God has given me!!!!

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