Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Joy Stealers

I recently had a conversation with a friend from "up north". She was diagnoised several years ago with RA, and on top of that has other health issues that seem to follow RA around like a well trained dog. We don't talk often, once a month or so. And occasionally we find time to write...yes, the old fashioned way... snail mail!

A week ago I woke up with Carol on my heart... I just couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to call. So I waited until 9:00 and dialed her number. No answer... so I assumed she had already left for the day. Wrong... it was only 8:00 AM there (who knew!!!)...so she was still in bed. She immediately called me back and said, "You won't believe this... I was just laying here thinking through all of my problems and wishing I had someone I could confide in. You called and I thought... Oh God...of course... I can talk to Lynn!" Our conversation lasted for nearly two hours.

What has stuck with me since our conversation is a comment that Carol made... "I just feel like someone has stolen my joy." Wow... I can imagine no emptier feeling than that. As I have pondered this comment I have made several notes... and I am sure that one day it will all become an article... but for now nothing seems to flow in that direction.

I think that there are many things that can steal our joy.... circumstances, people, not knowing our future... memories of our past... One of the things that I read recently was that in order to keep our joy we needed to Abide in Jesus.... so I looked up abide and it means to remain in... we need to remain in Christ. There we will find rest. And since Jesus is the source of our joy... resting in him can make all the difference.

I received a note for Carol a few days ago. Things seem better, but I will continue to pray for her, asking that God just hold her close and help her renew her strength. Having problems with joy stealers???? Joy involves a choice....choose to rest in Christ!

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