Friday, June 29, 2007

My Favorite

If you have read yesterday's post and the comments, you will see that I have many favorites! Those I gave birth to and those I have just picked up along the way are racing for the title!

When my girls were all smaller they each knew that they were the favorite...they didn't realize that I loved them all the same, they just knew how much I loved them individually. It wasn't until they were older that the "you love her more" chant began to surface. Now, they will all (jokingly???) say that I love one of them better than the others. I am sure that Michael will pick up the chant one day as well!

Isn't it amazing that God gives us, as parents, the ability to love each of our children unconditionally and all the same? For me, it is easy to not have a favorite. I have tried to love each of my children with all my heart, and to love them individually. They are not all the same, and they never will be. I love the qualities that God gave to each one...they are unique.

The kids that I have accumulated along the way??? I love them too. They are great, and they are a part of my "God family", each created to be who they are, and each brought into my life for a season. Many have come and gone, but I love them all still.

So, who is my favorite??? The one I am with at the moment of course!

(Please be in prayer for our Michael. Today he will have lip revision and rhinoplasty at Riley Chrildren's in Indy. Thanks!)


Rebecca Jo said...

I'm thinking of you all today for Michael's surgery - praying all goes well!

Amy said...

I have been praying for little Michael and will continue to do so. I know God will watch over well as the nervous mom and dad.