Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Only Eight More Days

After Michael is finished with today's work, there are only 8 more days of school. He is excited... to say the least! He is really looking forward to some time off. We are going to be changing things up a bit for the upcoming year. He won't be getting as much time off  between sessions as he would like, but I think it will make a huge difference!  We are going to go in to year round school beginning in June.

In Indiana, one only need to keep record of attendance to homeschool a child, and you have to show that they have "attended" 180 school days. That's it... nothing more. Which makes Indiana a great state for homeschooling! As long as I keep track of our days of schooling, I can choose what Michael is taught, which often includes lessons about Christ!!! Another bonus! We can do those 180 days any way we like!

We will start in mid-June, and we will be doing a 4 day week - Monday through Thursday. He will get a three day weekend every week! We will also take a week off in October, a week in December, and a week in April. All of those breaks coincide with the breaks of the grandkids, so they can come and spend time with us! I really believe that going year round will help with his retention.

We are also looking forward to attending Community VBS this year. I'm going to be teaching Michael's group, and love the opportunity to meet a few more kiddos in the community. He will also be taking swim lessons again in July. I think we are going to go ahead and get a pool pass, too. Summer, even with school mixed in, is shaping up to be a fun time.

Have a Blessed Day!

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