Sunday, April 18, 2010

Wonderful weekend and a glimpse into new life!

Had a great weekend. On Friday, my dear friend Rebecca called me to tell me that while at Women of Joy in Louisville she was able to get a free ticket to the concert on Saturday night - Steven Curtis Chapman and Michael W. Smith. She asked if I was interested... are you KIDDING ME!!! Oh yeah!!! She said to cross my fingers because she had to make sure she could get the arm bands that went with it.

So Saturday, Michael and I head out to run our errands, and between stores my phone rings... Rebecca says... I got the ticket AND the bracelet... and then we both screamed! Poor Michael... he just held his little ears. Then we realized that not only could I go to the concert, but I would be able to go to the Worship Service on Sunday morning - featuring Liz Curtis Higgs!!! Oh my... I LOVE this woman. So I sent a text to Sha, who was able to cover my Sunday School class... and I was all set.

I must say I was totally blessed by this weekend... it was amazing... and just what I needed. So a huge thanks to Rebecca for asking me to go... and to the gracious unknown woman who gave me such a wonderful gift!!! I sent word with her friends to thank her for me... she was an angel this weekend for sure!

So after we went to lunch today, I headed out into the yard to do a little weeding while Mickey washed the cars. He noticed a robin that was trying to make its way into one of our holly bushes. He took a peek and this is what he found....

Three newly hatched baby robins.... and they were so tiny and bald... with just a few pin feathers...

It is always so uplifting to see new life... be it a little baby... or a baby bird... it makes me stand in awe of our Creator... and on the heals of Women of Joy... all I can say is that it was a perfect way to end the weekend!


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Rebecca Jo said...

So glad you could go!!! And now, I have a witness that heard that Steven Curtis Chapman loves me... you heard it with your own ears! :)

Look at those tiny babies... they are new-new-new creations!!!