Saturday, March 13, 2010


The Lord thundered from heaven; the voice of the most high resounded. Psalm 18:13

As I sat reading during the other afternoon, I heard thunder... and I wondered at first what it was. Yes, I do know what thunder is... what it sounds like... but it had actually been awhile since I had heard it. And as it was off in the distance it actually took a second clap for me to registered that I was hearing thunder.

As spring is quickly approaching, I turned on the TV to make sure we were under no warnings and saw that the storms were to our east... just far enough away to not cause us any problems, but close enough that I got to hear the occasional clap of thunder.

When Mickey got home he asked if I had heard the thunder during the day, and I told him that it took a few times of hearing it for it to register, and he remarked that he had to listen again as well, stating that it had been awhile since he had heard any thunder around here.

It hit me today as I looked out at the darkening sky, that the season of thunderstorms is upon us, and we will once again be hearing thunder on a regular basis, and that we will once again become accustomed to its sound. And I thought how quickly we forget sounds that we just don't hear very often, or even that we become used to and just tune out... and I wondered... is that how I am with God?

Have I often forgotten his voice because I just haven't heard it lately? And have I not heard it because I'm not listening, or because I have become so accustomed to it that I have tuned it out? And those times where I struggle to hear his voice, is it there and I'm just not sure what it is that I am hearing???

If I can't immediately identify the sound of thunder, how can I identify the voice of God???
And is he "off in the distance" because I have placed him there???? Just some questions rambling around in my mind today... Have a blessed weekend.....


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