Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Talk Radio

I'm a fan of Christian Radio... always have my car radio tuned to either K-Love or WFIA... (unless Carly has been messing with the dial!) and I find that there are days when I just HAVE to turn the knob over to WFIA for a little talk radio.

I get Janet Parschal on my drives home on Tuesday and Thursday... love her show... and on Monday nights I get Albert Mohler. Sometimes I just feel like "mainstream" news isn't telling the whole story.

Now that made me wonder... how did it work back in Jesus' day? No radio... no newspaper... just word of mouth. So who did they decide to listen to? How could they tell if someone was shooting straight with them?

And then I realized that things have changed much in the past 2000 + years... we are still trying to listen and decide who we can depend on to tell us the truth. And just like 2000 years ago, the answer is a simple one.... we listen to those whose opinions match up to scripture. And unfortunately, I haven't noticed many dots to connect on mainstream tv....

I feel that the world is headed in a direction that many don't see... and they will be caught by surprise at the end results. Me...? I'm just gonna keep looking to the Lord, and praying that He will continue to open my eyes to HIS truth.


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