Thursday, October 8, 2009

A long time...

It has been a long time since I last posted anything on my blog... okay not as long as some, but a long time for me. Things have been pretty hectic around here... a lot can happen in a couple of weeks time. On Monday, September 28th, Mickey's dad had bypass surgery. They finally took us back to see him around 7:30 PM... it had been a long day of waiting. We were told that the surgery went well, and that he would be in recovery overnight. On Tuesday, they were unable to rouse him sufficiently, and felt that he was still over medicated... and when he was still in that state on Wednesday, they told us that he had suffered several mini-strokes while in surgery. This was confirmed by a CT of the brain. We were also told on that day that "what you see is what you get. He won't get any better." But I have to tell you... on Thursday morning, he began to talk and things were looking much better. All I gotta say is... doctor's aren't gods... only God himself knows that plans that he has made, and apparently he wasn't done healing Bob just yet. So today, one full week since he began to talk and come around, he has been sent to rehab for treatment. We are praying for a major recovery here. God has already done a miracle... we just have to have faith that this miracle will continue. On a lighter note, between the surgery and today, we have taken care of a lot of business...
Sunday, October 4th, we held our 2nd Annual Stephanie's Hope BBQ, and it was a huge success.... our efforts will allow each of our mission teams to take $500 on their trips that will be used to bless the people of the countries they visit.

That day was also big for Michael... he got to go to his first skating party! Our wonderful friends Rebecca and Ricky hosted a skating party for their sweet little grandson, Isaac (for some cute video of him on skates click here). In anticipation of this day, they purchased Michael his first pair of roller skates for his birthday. He has been going nuts waiting to use them. He did such a good job, and he loved it. Carly and Mickey even joined in the fun... me... not so much... I just "walked" instead and held on tight... but I have to tell you... after an hour he was asking me to let go and he was just great on his own... (of course I didn't stray very far!)

So, now you know why I haven't had much time to post... I have had to fit studying in the mix as well.... so things have been busy! I'll try and do better.... I really will!


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Rebecca Jo said...

Dont know who I was prouder of - Michael or Mickey!!! :) It's so fun to people put wheels on their feet!!!! Glad to see how well Michael did... another half hour & he would have been racing Ricky! :)