Monday, July 6, 2009

the 4th in pictures!

Michael, Kailyn and Camden were busy watching the crowd at the fireworks on July 3rd. We have watched them on the lawn of the Pekin United Methodist Church for years, and hundreds of people are busy on the lawn throwing Frisbees, eating and visiting.

Rachel brought "little chairs" which the kids all loved.
Michael was very excited about the fireworks.

Kailyn was very busy taking care of Levi...
if you didn't see her right away all you had to do was look for Levi,
who was dressed in his green jammies (below) so that he was
ready to just plop into bed following the fireworks!

Emma and Camden spent a little time in the chairs...
and I mean a "little"... they loved to run in circles around
our blankets and chairs, getting rid of a little energy!

Isn't that an awesome picture of the moon?
Mickey captured it right before the fireworks began.
He also managed to get a few good pictures of the fireworks themselves.

We had a nice weekend... even though it rained most of the afternoon on the 4th.
No cornhole... no swimming... but plenty of eating occurred!
And yesterday... yep... following church it was a day filled with napping.
Hope your holiday was as happy as ours!!!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

Mickey is like a professional photographer there!!!

Look at those little chairs! We need to see if Vicki can fit in those too (like the booster chair she was in!) :)