Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Safe Arrival

Mickey and members of the Greenville Christian Church mission team arrived yesterday in the Dominican Republic. While there, the team will serve the people in many different ways. I think their favorite activity will happen on Saturday... VBS for the children of the area.
The team will host two separate VBS programs that day in two different locations. They have been told to expect a total of 300 children.
This is Mickey's second year to go to the DR on a mission trip. Last year, he was amazed to find that children of all ages randomly roam the streets unattended. In the center where children are fed one time daily, small children around 5 or so would bring in even younger siblings and make sure they were fed. Some small children just arrived with parents or older siblings. There were even those who seemed to weak to feed themselves. These children were often fed by a worker or a child they just happened to sit near.
These children break the hearts of those who go to work... the members of the team spend the week hugging on, loving and playing with these little ones. They will play ball, hand out candy, blow up dozens of balloons, and give piggy back rides as often as they can. They will do all in their power to show Jesus and his love to these little ones, and they will come back changed.
This year we have 6 teens on the trip... and only two of them have been on a mission trip. I believe that this could be a turning point in their walk with Christ and I look forward to hearing from them when they return.
Please keep our team in your prayers, and be in prayer for the hearts they will touch while there. (And pray for those of us waiting for our loved ones to return... especially the mommas of those teens!!!)


Rebecca Jo said...

LOVE that picture!!! They all looked so excited to head in there!

Praying for all these people! Praying for all the youth on here too... so excited their lifes will be open to missions so early in their own lives...

Love to hear all the stories when they get back!!

Christy said...

Thanks for posting on their status Lynn! I've been so excited for the youth and the newbie adults! And it's been amazing to see people's hearts moved for missions like Mickey, Candace, and even Russ!

Thanks for keeping up posted and I'm constantly thinking and praying for each of them and the families they left behind for a week.