Friday, May 8, 2009

Kaiya Update... Prayers Answered!!!

Kaiya is coming home tomorrow!!! How cool is our God?!

They have given them a diagnosis (which of course I cannot pronounce, much less spell), but a study was done on this in the Neatherlands, and in the study of 10 children over 10 years, 7 out of the ten walked away with no issues... one had CP, one epilepsy and one developed learning disabilities by age 7...

Kaiya is now off of the oxygen, and her feeding tube has been removed... she is also exhibiting "baby startle" patterns (when touched etc.) AND... she is locking onto people and objects with her eyes. All great signs.

They will do a follow-up MRI at 1 month and then again at 3 months. They were told that the 3 month one would indicate to them what to expect over the course of her lifetime.

Our prayer is now for continued healing and that she will fall into line with the 70% who walked away from this virus with no permanent issues.

Thank you so much for all of your prayers for this little one... I know that God has heard them and answered in a mighty way!!!!

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Anita said...

Our God is THE coolest!!! :) He just continues to amaze me every day! Praising Him for this child's life.