Tuesday, February 10, 2009

To FB or not... that is the question!

Now, this may seem lame, but I've just got to ask... do you have a facebook account or not???

Here is the reason I ask such an odd question (that by now most of you have answered yes to!)...

One of my Yahoo groups just began a discussion about "sending a friend request" for facebook. The chatter went something like this... "Do you have a FB account? If you do, send a request and I'll add you to my friends list." "Sure, I'd love that... I check there all the time." "Yeah we can keep up much better there than on email." You get the picture... facebook is THE new way to keep in touch with the ones you love.

Now... I must admit... I DON'T have a facebook account. (Oh my... I heard your sudden gasp for air!) Yes... shockingly... I don't have one... and the reason? I have promised my 17 year old daughter that I will not get one.

You see, she uses her FB to keep up with her friends, her youth coaches and her sisters. (And yes, I do conduct random checks just to make sure that all is right within her FB World!) She just thinks that it would be too strange for her MOM to have an account, so I have sworn to remain "facebook free". Her true feelings??? I am WAY TOO OLD to have a FB account. In her heart of hearts, she is sure that no one over the age of 40 should be allowed there, and to her... 40 is pushing the envelope!

So... while a multitude of people my age and older are meeting up with old friends via FB... I guess that I'll be stuck doing it the old fashioned way... via EMAIL!!!!

Yes... you may feel free to laugh... email is now the old fashioned way to communicate! Our children (and grandchildren!) have not learned the fine art of making phone calls (they now text), nor do they know the joys of writing a letter, placing it into an envelope, adding a stamp, and placing it in the mail box where it will wind it's way to the recipient in a matter of days! They have instant gratification in their communication. Now, I will admit that I don't write letters often anymore, but I am still charmed by the personal touch of a letter when I receive one. And while I can (and do) text... nothing compares to hearing the voice of a friend or family member.

So will I join the masses and sign up for a FB account??? Relax my dear daughter... it won't be happening anytime soon. Email is plenty fast enough for this 50 year old mom!!!!


Rebecca Jo said...

I had a friend suggestion that had Mickey's mom on it!!!! I cracked up!!!

Terry said...

Too funny! I don't get it though, I mean FB. What is the big deal? I find it sometimes a burden personally. I mean, don't I spend enough time on this computer, why would I add more things to do?

I do like seeing what people are doing when I finally do check it...

By the way, you don't need to be friends with your daughter, that way she won't see your profile and niether will her friends...unless thay want to be your friend :-)

Rachel V. said...

my mother in law has it now!!

Carly said...

I wouldnt care that much it would just be awkward.