Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Can she REALLY be that old????

Last night I took my BABY GIRL prom dress shopping!!! How can it be that she is a Junior??? How can it be that she is old enough to wear anything more than a frilly little Easter Dress and shiny black shoes??? I am not sure how it happened... or WHEN it happened... but isn't she beautiful????

When we entered the store we had just around one hour and forty-five minutes to accomplish our goal... find THE perfect dress. (Carly accused me of cruising through the mall at the rate of a "mall walker" but I knew that every minute was precious.) We began our search at our local Dillard's... where she actually found this dress. BUT... we knew that we could leave no stone unturned so off we went to DEB, which is on the other end of the mall. She tried on several dresses there, but none seemed to fit her style and personality like this one.

Needless to say, we found ourselves sprinting (okay... as fast as I sprint, which is a fast walk!) back to Dillard's with 15 minutes to spare before the store closed. As they were announcing that shoppers should make their final selections, we were slipping this dress back on Carly for a final look. And as all the patterns were different, she ended up trying on three... but this one was it, and had been right from the beginning.

While this dress may have been a little more "pricey" than I would have liked (I am a certified, card carrying member of the "Clearance Rack Club") I must say, this smile makes it all worthwhile!


Rebecca Jo said...

I LOVE it... I cant believe it myself that's she's going to Jr. Prom...where does the time go?

I love that she's gone for something kinda funky but still classy... so Carly!

Christy said...

I LOVE that dress! Fabulous choice for her.

Amy said...

You look nice Carly :)