Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Exciting News

Our good friends, Joe and Erica, found out some amazing news today... I won't spoil it... so you can visit Joe's Blog as he has already shared there. As I thought about about this exciting news, I couldn't help but think about how we have all anticipated this news. How we anticipate any good news... we long to hear it... we long to share it... we can't wait to shout it from the rooftops! It makes us feel all warm and fuzzy... it makes us feel on top of the world... it makes us want to let the world know how happy we are.

So I guess what I wonder is, why don't we feel the same away about sharing the word of God to those that are lost? Have we forgotten how magical it feels to be saved? Have we forgotten how long we waited to feel that forgiveness... how, when we were first saved, we couldn't contain our happiness?

If we would only harness that anticipation and place it's focus on telling the world that God loves us... that He sent His Son to die for us... that Jesus loves us SO MUCH that he was willing to be beaten, mocked, and crucified on a cross for US... YOU and ME!!!! That is news that the world longs to hear... that we should long to share... that we should shout from the rooftops! Does the world know how happy you are to have received the gift of salvation? Maybe it's time to share the news!

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