Wednesday, December 3, 2008


This week Mickey and I are doing our SS lesson on angels... you know... the "heavenly host" who said "glory to God in the highest, and on Earth, peace good will toward men". Now I have always loved angels. I have a small collection of them, and have read numerous accounts of angels amongst us even today.

Did you realize that there are only two angels whose names are mentioned in the bible? Gabriel being one, and Michael being the other. The rest who are mentioned are never called by name. So, you have to figure that these two angels HAVE to be important as angels go. I know one thing... I wouldn't want to run into either one of them without being prepared... I am sure that they are very impressive!

But just imagine what it must be like to be an angel and be in the presence of God ALL THE TIME!!!! How cool would that be! Oh, I know... we will eventually make it to that point... being in God's presence forever... but the angels have been with him since the beginning... doing his bidding... and helping mankind. What a cool way to spend eternity!

I am really excited to teach our 1st - 5th graders about these mighty beings... and their place in God's kingdom and how they have interacted with man on God's behalf.

So, as you place that angel on your tree (come on... we ALL have at least one!)... just remember... these very beings announced the birth of our Lord and Savior!!!! Glory to God in the highest!!!!!!

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Rebecca Jo said...

I've got a book about Michael, Gabriel & Lucifier - who remember was an angel - & how they were a family (obviously a novel) - but it looks SOOO interesting.

Guess it shows - every family is disfunctional!!! :-)